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CONDAIR (NORTEC)Humidification


CHECK OUT THE NEW “DL” Series Atomizing and Evaporative Humidification system brochure. (pdf)
This new humidifier is ideal for high sensible heat cooling loads where humidity is also required. It is also the only evaporative humidifier ASHRAE has approved for hospital use.
Data Centers, Hospitals, Clean Rooms and Laboratories are just a few areas where this humidification system will contribute to your GREEN BUILDING/LEED approval. It has one of the lowest costs of any humidification system on the market.
Here are a few questions to ask yourself to see if a humidifier is what you need:

  1. Do your sinuses feel dry and irritated most of the winter or do you get sinus infections?
  2. Do you have high levels of static electricity in your home or office?
  3. Do your wood floors or moldings separate or gets cracks in them in the winter?
  4. Do your clothes stick to you?
  5. Does your doctor ask if you have a humidifier in your home when you see the doctor for colds or cold symptoms?
  6. Would you like to keep the temperature in your home a couple of degrees cooler and feel better? Higher humidity in your home will allow you to drop the temperature in your home 2º F and you will feel more comfortable than a warmer and drier condition.

If you answered yes to any of these, you would benefit from a humidifier. If you answered yes to most, you probably need a humidifier.
Now that you know you may want or need a humidifier, educate yourself on what type of humidifier you need. There are two basic types: steam and atomizing.
Atomizing humidifiers use several different technologies to spray or atomize water droplets into the air. The energy required to evaporate the water comes from the air, thus cooling the air it is humidifying. If you are atomizing water in your HVAC duct system, the furnace or heat is required to be on to add heat taken away by the atomizing humidifier or you may end up with water dripping of the walls of your ducts. This will result in mold and is a health issue. In the Carolinas and areas of the country where your furnace does not run as much, the humidity level in your home may not get to the desired levels because the heat MUST BE ON for this system to work.
Steam humidifiers get the energy from electricity or sometimes gas to evaporate the water and make steam, so when the steam is put into the ductwork, it does not cool the air. This system only requires that a HVAC fan run to humidify your home. You can easily get to the level of humidity in your home you need (30-50% relative humidity).
Ferguson/Sullivan, inc can design and size a humidifier for your home, office, manufacturing facility, hospital, or any area. Please give us a call to discuss a NORTEC humidification system for your needs. Email or call Alex Bradley @ 336-274-1778.

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